FUTURISM – a style of art, literature, music, etc., and theory of art and life in which violence, power, speed, mechanization or machines, and hostility to the past or to traditional forms of expression were advocated or portrayed.

The society we live in is misleading. We’re constantly running after unnecessary „goals” thinking that maybe in one week, one month, a year we’ll finally find that sense of comfort we’ve always been looking for.

It’s funny ‘cause in our continuous search for the perfect one, the perfect house, the perfect life we never ask ourselves how much perfection lays inside us and  we signed this taciturn contract of never having enough. Enough means everything and it’s not humanly possible to have everything, no matter if your desire is for knowledge or money, things or people. That’s why we no longer have relationships.

We are friends with benefits. Two people sharing nothing more than an experience and some body fluids. Whilst it should be vice versa, two experiences sharing the same bed. It’s not called love anymore, it’s belonging: the need to be declared someone’s own. We’re not getting married young, not because careers are impossible when married, not because we are afraid of providing for our family but simply because we are so afraid to have the same thing for ages that it tears us down.

So we wait and wait and find all the best excuses to run away from commitment. At the same time we rave about „kindness, sincerity, respect, human rights” and other values that are still there in our disturbed conscious. And even if you’re different, it’s pointless. The world will put you down.

You’ll be sick, afraid of meeting new people and skeptical about the old ones, totally broken. You will make jokes instead, you’re gonna be sarcastic, „the joker” among your friends because that’s how you think you can change the world. You’re gonna hide your damage deep inside so you can give others smiles and laughter and eventually laugh with them because there’s the place you find all the things you ever looked for. In someone’s smile.


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